The San Joaquin River Trail, affectionately called the SJRT, is a long-distance hiking trail spanning from Millerton Lake to Devil's Postpile in California. The SJRT follows the mighty San Joaquin River from the valley floor up to the headwaters in the High Sierra. When complete, this 150 mile trail will connect Highway 99 to the Pacific Crest Trail near Devil's Postpile in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range by Mammoth, California. This unique combination of existing and new trails links together a route that will showcase the beauty of the central valley while trekking through the gateway to the sierras. 

The trail goes through land administered by the California Bureau of Parks and Recreations, Bureau of Reclamation, County of Fresno, Bureau of Land Management, and the Sierra National Forest. Together we are working to ensure the completion and management of the San Joaquin River Trail. 

The trail follows the San Joaquin River and parallels various historic routes used by the Mono Indians. The Mono Tribe used the same approximate route to traverse the High Sierras in order to trade with other tribes. The French Trail, which began near Hogue Apple Ranch by North Fork, also followed the natural terrain the Mono Indians used. The French Trail was used to carry supplies to gold miners in the Mammoth Lakes area. The rich history of the SJRT is embedded in the dirt and land which we walk. Step onto its tread to discover the past, live in the moment, and create future memories which will be passed down for generations to come. 

The trail is being constructed and connected by dedicated volunteers and the San Joaquin River Trail Council for hiking, mountain biking and equestrian use.